Richard Davis, Composer

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Salutations! My name is Richard Davis. I am a Montreal- and Massachusetts-based composer, viola performer, and teacher. My primary compositional interests are intertextuality, live electronics, vocal or vocal-emulating music, and computer-assisted composition. With viola, I specialize in contemporary music performance.

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If you like what I do and want to consider supporting me, please consider purchasing tracks from my Bandcamp or scores from my Payhip. If you want to learn more about what I do, all of my music is hosted somewhere between my YouTube Channel and my SoundCloud; the YouTube channel focuses on live performances and has some score videos where possible, and the SoundCloud has more studio recordings.


Some might be interested in my GitLab, which has a number of Python scripts I've written in the past for various computer-assisted composition tasks. I also have a GitHub (where the source code for this site is hosted!), but this is secondary and primarily for collaboration with others.


To contact me about scores, commissions, collaborations, lessons, or whatever you like, please send me an email at!